Murphy will come visit. Are you ready?

Life is challenging. Life is busy. Life is… hard.

Murphy will come

Murphy will come visit you. Sometimes in the worst possible moments. A few years ago, when my husband joined the Army and left to go to Basic Training, it felt like Murphy had moved in. First, the transmission on my car died. It was a $3500 repair. I was without a car for a week so add rental car expense to that. Then, we owned an apartment on a 16th floor. The apartment on top of us had a flood. The water came into our apartment through the ceiling. It ruined our water heater and some walls. That was was about $1000. Lastly, we bought new glass doors for all the closets. The delivery guy came a day earlier and left the doors on my assigned parking space. Since I was not there (remember that I was not expecting him), I didn’t have anyone else to help. I had to move 7 doors myself to the entrance of the building. They were 9 feet long doors and Miss A was 5 so she couldn’t help. When I tried to put them in the elevator, they wouldn’t fit. I just sat down and started crying. I didn’t know what to do. The security guard of the building found me sitting in the floor and helped me by removing the roof covers on the elevators. He saved my life. I will always remember him.

Of course, all of this happened while my husband was gone. I had no way to contact him to tell him what was going on or to discuss what to do. Miss A would cry constantly every single day asking to see Daddy.

I just wanted to cry for days and days. I wanted to give up. I just wanted to run away. But, I couldn’t. My daughter needed me. My husband needed me to do the things he couldn’t since he was away. I needed myself.

There will be days when you feel like you just want to give up. But, you know what? You never know when or what will happen but you can try to prepare for the unexpected. Have a support system around you. Work hard to have a fully funded emergency fund. And remember to breathe. Tomorrow, the sun will come out again.